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We Offer Wood Destroying Insect Inspections



518 Home Inspector, LLC is licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (ID #C4860110). We are trained in locating Wood Destroying Insects to include:


If Wood Destroying infestation is evident, there are various treatment approaches.


 1) Chemical Soil Treatment: Effective pesticides on the market include Termidor or Premise termicide. By treating the soil surrounding your home and the sub floor, you can help prevent the ability for termites to gain entry into your home.

2) Bait Systems: Installing termite bait stations in specific areas around your property (such as the Sentricon or Exterra system). This procedure requires periodically monitoring these systems to ensure the most optimal placement and effective results (usually every month to reposition, replenish, or reapply the bait).

*Please Note that this process is labor intensive and the long-term cost of monitoring the bait systems may increase over time before the chance of success or otherwise is realized).

3) Building Maintenance and Modifications: We will educate you on ways to decrease the risk of future termite damage to your home. This can be done by such things as removing timber in contact with the soil, improving sub floor ventilation, decreasing other areas of moisture, clearing areas around the house which are important for both access and termite monitoring.

4) Routine Follow-Up Inspections: It is essential that the areas of your home which are prone to future termite damage be monitored over a period of time (usually every 3 to 6 months).

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections REQUIRED FOR ALL FHA LOANS!

Through experience and NYSDEC testing, our professional inspectors are able to perform quality and thorough wood destroying pest inspections on your house. Reports are issued on-site and are accepted by FHA, VA, banks, and mortgage lenders. If you have questions regarding pest inspections, please call our office at (518)461-9272.