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Capital Home Services, LLC (located in Albany, NY) can show you how to save thousands of dollars by simply having your roof cleaned vs replacing it.  Our team of home inspectors have performed thousands of home inspections over the years and have seen real estate deals fall through due  to old looking roofs (covered with black algae stains, moss, and or lichen).  Did you know that most roofs can be cleaned to look like new again using non pressure soft roof washing application (the only methods approved by the top shingle manufacturers) saving you thousands of dollars.  



•Did you know that over 50% of roofs are replaced prematurely because the owners do not like the appearance of their roof? 


Don't worry about old looking, dirty, stained roofs.  They can be cleaned safely to look like new again.


Many homeowners are replacing their black algae stained roofs prematurely when the simple solution to the problem was to have the roofs cleaned. Even roofs less than 10 years of age can be attacked by black algae stains known as Gleocapsa Magma.  Back in the 1990’s, most shingle manufacturers changed the composition of the their shingles by adding more limestone; which attracts the algae. Rooftop Wizards only uses non pressure cleaning methods and products approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) and the leading shingle manufacturers.  


Why spend thousands of dollars in replacing a perfectly good roof?  The average cost of roof replacement is between $6,500-14,500. 





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